Sunday, January 27, 2008

Salt Lake City, Utah Area - Winter Adventures

I finally got some pictures from Rob of all our winter adventures. I haven't totally gone into hibernation, but I spend alot less time outdoors now that it's so cold and snowy. I'll take the 110 degree summer desert heat anyday ... but that's still a few months away. It's fun to see some of my favorite summer spots transformed into white frozen landscapes. It will be more fun when it all melts.

Back in November Rob, Lucy, and I went up to the Uinta mountains to do a late season hike before road closed for winter. There was a little more snow than we expected but the lakes and mountains looked spectacular.

There have been a few snowshoeing trips into the Cottonwood canyons, but all the avalanches this year have kept backcountry trips to a minimum.

On New Year's Day Rob and I went out to Antelope Island (thanks mom for the state park pass!) to wander around. Not enough snow to snowshoe but lots of ice to play on. It was my first time to the island during the winter and it was so peaceful - a great start to the new year.