Sunday, June 25, 2006

Gandy Warm Springs, Utah - Day Trip

My friend (and hero) Alaska Tim suggested a web site to me a while back for ideas on random trips out into the desert. One place that caught my attention was Warm Springs in Millard County- west of Delta, Utah - near the Nevada border. The west desert is so dry, salty, and barren that any spring or body of water is a rare and beautiful sight ... but this place sounded too amazing to be true. A quick check on Google Earth seemed to confirm it's existence (a little speck of green in the middle of the desert) .. and after a little coaxing, jacob decided he was game .. so off we went with the trusty GPS to guide us. Here's what we found......

the dusty dirt road near Gandy, UT

natural pools of crystal warm water with waterfalls and springs everywhere