Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stansbury Island, Utah - Hiking

Sometimes I find myself visiting the same places and doing the same activities at the same time each year, almost like tradition. One of these "traditions" is the first hike of the spring season, which always occurs around the end of March. Between the unfortunate spring snowstorms there are a few days of nice, warm weather. When this happens on a weekend, it's hiking time! The islands in the Salt Lake are the first places to melt out while the Wasatch Mountains are still buried in several feet of snow, so the first hike of the season is usually in the Great Salt Lake. Last year I hiked Stansbury Island with Rob on March 22 and this year, just a few of days later, Brandon joined me to welcome Spring.

Stansbury Island is actually a peninsula jutting out into the lake. If the lake level rose enough it would be an island, but for now it's an easy drive from I-80 to the trailhead. The views of the Great Salt Lake and the snow covered Wasatch and Oquirrh Mountains are stunning.

Brandon and his jeep

Me on Stansbury Island

Looking toward Deseret Peak in the distance

The Great Salt Lake acting like a mirror

The Great Salt Lake