Sunday, July 21, 2013

Antelope Island, Utah - Biking and Camping

Shawn, Keith, Melissa, and I took part in the annual Antelope Island by Moonlight bike ride on July 19.  We decided to make it an all-night event and reserved a campsite at Bridger Bay so that we could relax before and after the ride.  We headed to the island after work on Friday evening and set up camp while watching a spectacular sunset.  The weather was perfect and the bugs were minimal which was somewhat of a surprise for Antelope Island!

Shawn setting up his tent

My tent

Sunset on Antelope Island

Keith and Melissa at camp

Sunset on Antelope Island

The ride started at White Rock Bay and made a 25 mile out-and-back trip to Fielding Garr Ranch where there was music, food, and water.  The ride was easy and fun, and many families participated in the event.  Some bikers even decorated their bikes with lights and dressed up in costume.  Although it was easy, it was certainly not well supported.  Shawn was unable to get any assistance after getting a flat tire and finally got a ride back to camp after 2am.  We stayed up well into the night enjoying the great weather and moon shining brightly over the island.

Keith heading to White Rock Bay

Pre-ride party at White Rock Bay

Melissa, Keith, and Shawn

Fielding Garr Ranch mid-ride party