Sunday, October 2, 2011

Snowbird Resort, Utah - Oktoberfest

It was another beautiful autumn weekend in Salt Lake and Hunter and Col invited me to join them for a trip up to Snowbird Ski Resort to do some hiking and enjoy some good beer at the annual Oktoberfest.  Our friend Grant also decided to join us for the day.

We decided to do a moderate hike up through Peruvian Gulch and then take the tram back down to the lodge to enjoy the festival for the afternoon.  The fall colors were just starting to make their appearance at the lower elevations near the resort and the views along the way were excellent.

Great colors along the trail

Flowers along the trail

Grant, the awkward giraffe, hiking up Peruvian Gulch

Aspens changing color

 Red foliage

 Hunter and Col

We spent some time at the top of the ridge enjoy the views into Mineral Basin, as well as looking at the snow that still remains from last winter.  Then we hopped on the tram for the scenic, but slightly unnerving, ride down to the bottom of the mountain.

Hunter in Mineral Basin

Still a lot of snow leftover from last winter

Oktoberfest was OK, but not the most exciting festival I've ever been to.  The beer was great, the food looked good, and I was able to score an awesome deal of some hiking shorts for next season.

Grant nomming on some German treats

Rain shower moving in after a perfect day in the mountains

Double rainbow means we had an awesome day of hiking and beer