Monday, October 10, 2011

Fish Lake, Utah - Cabin

Hunter invited me to spend the weekend with him, Col, and his good friends Lisa and Jeanne at Lisa's family's cabin near Fish Lake.  I've heard about this place for years and I've always wanted to check it out, but other plans have always gotten in the way.  After a stormy week in Salt Lake with the first snow of the season in the mountains, this sounded like a perfect autumn getaway.

We left Salt Lake early Friday afternoon and after a couple of stops to pick up some beer and food, we were off to Happy Fish Cabin at Fish Lake in south central Utah.  We arrived to a surprising amount of fresh  snow on the ground as Fish Lake is at an elevation of almost 9,000 feet, and unloaded the car as fast as we could to get out of the cold.

I finally made it to Happy Fish

It looked more like January with the snow and icicles

I got a tour of the cabin and it was even more awesome than I could have imagined.  It was rustic, cozy, and huge!  I loved the giant windows in the living room area - it almost felt like being in a greenhouse looking out on all the cold and snow from the warm, comfortable cabin.

Beautiful deck

Too early for this much snow!

Hunter's favorite cabin activity

Hunter and I walked down to Fish Lake to enjoy the sunshine and take some pictures of the fresh snow and the yellow aspen trees.  As much as I dislike snow, it definitely made for some very pretty scenes around the lake.

Aspen trees and fresh snow

 Walking to Fish Lake

Fish Lake

Lisa is very familiar with the area from all the years her family spent at the lake,  and she took us to a few viewpoints that made for some fun excursions from the cabin.  Time in the cabin was spent cooking, drinking good beer, and playing fun games that Jeanne always seemed to win.

Lodge at Fish Lake

 Me, Col, Hunter, Jeanne, Lisa, and Bailey!

View from Pelican Promontory at Fish Lake

Great view of Fish Lake

Standing above Fish Lake

Guess who found the hunting clothes storage bin at the cabin!?
A huge thanks the Hunter, Col, Lisa, and Jeanne for a fantastically fun and relaxing weekend.  Now I understand why everyone loves Happy fish so much!

Bailey taking a sun nap

Col, Hunter, and Bailey