Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pocatello, Idaho - Marathon

Jake and I ran the Pocatello Marathon in Idaho over Labor Day weekend. I've had an excellent summer of running, including some good long runs and quite a bit of hill work, so I felt fairly confident going into this race that it was going to be a good one. After enduring the now familiar routine of waking up ridiculously early and eating weird food for breakfast, we boarded the bus on Saturday morning to be shuttled to the start line. We started down the canyon just as the sun began to rise. There were very few spectators and not a lot of runners, making it feel like one of my solo long runs instead of an actual race. It was so relaxing that it was a little difficult to stay on pace and focus on running at 100%.

I felt sluggish and stiff for the first several miles, but eventually I settled into a comfortable pace as the course made it's way through the canyon towards Pocatello. The course met up with the half-marathoners who began about two hours after us, and suddenly there were a lot more people and much more energy in the air. It was one of those running days where everything works out - perfect running temperatures, a good course, and good preparation. I never felt like I hit "the wall" and I still felt strong during the last few miles. I crossed the finish line in 3:45 .. a personal best by about 12 minutes.

Nearing the 20 mile mark

26.2 miles later

Shawn met up with us after the race and I treated myself to an entire pizza and several pints of delicious beer at the Portneuf Valley Brewery. We wandered around Pocatello for a bit and then headed off to Big Springs campground near Lava Hot Springs for a couple days of recovery and relaxation.

Pocatello, Idaho

Big Springs campground