Thursday, August 23, 2007

Salt Creek Canyon - Canyonlands National Park - Needles District, Utah - Backpacking

Rob, Jake, and I headed down to Moab on August 10th for a weekend of outdoor adventure in Southern Utah. We left after work .. and after some minor delays (Jake) .. and a temporary sour mood caused by Jake yelling at me and threatening to camp at the KOA ... everything went smoothly. for the most part.

We camped the first night in my favorite spot on earth ... next to the Colorado River just outside of Moab. I could hear the river all night .. and there were meteors to watch from the Perseid Meteor shower. a perfect night! I love the contrast between the barren red rock desert and the green right along the river.

the next morning we ate at my favorite place in Moab - EklectiCafe. good strong coffee and lots of vegan friendly treats.

we got our permit to overnight in Salt Creek Canyon in Canyonlands National Park (Needles District) and we were off backpacking by early afternoon.

the trail started off as a nice dried riverbed .. easy to follow

it wasn't long before we were bushwhacking through all sorts of brush ... oh yeah, and quicksand

sometimes we got to walk through Salt Creek. everyone wanted a hike with water .. but after about 10 miles i could feel some grumpiness and pouting

around sunset we found the most perfect campsite and everyone was happy again. happy until the animals starting lurking about at night near the tents. i guess they liked the water too.

Rob really liked taking pictures of the sunset

Even with a filter and a SteriPen, I still felt a little grossed out drinking the water. But better grossed out than dehydrated

we saw some awesome rock art painted by the Fremont Indians before 1300AD. Silly them - they painted over some faintly visible art that was painted at least 1000 years before them.

We got to stop at Newspaper Rock. I love rock art

Our final stop was Dead Horse Point before we headed back home to Salt Lake