Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Spiral Jetty, Utah - Day Trip

It's been one year since I last visited the "Spiral Jetty" on the north shore of the Great Salt Lake. The "Spiral Jetty" was created as a piece of art by Robert Smithson in 1970. After he created it, the lake level rose and it was under water until a few years ago. The recent drought cycle is ending and the lake is rising again, so this could be the last time I see the Jetty?

By some miracle I was able to convince Jake (possibly through the use of free brunch and beer) that a trip to the jetty would be fun. As an added bonus, I threw in the possibility of visiting a hot spring along the way.

"Stinking Hot Springs" does in fact live up to it's name. It smells like the asshole of the earth. It's located west of Corinne, UT. Any adventure at the hot spring was quickly vetoed by Jake who claimed it was the most foul thing he had ever smelled. I couldn't disagree.

Moving on, we passed Golden Spike National Monument - where the Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads met in 1869 creating the first transcontinental railroad. neat.

Following the trusty GPS, we made it to "Spiral Jetty". It had changed so much since last time I saw it. The water level is much higher and the jetty is almost under water. There was also all of this strange salt foam whipped up by the recent storm. It was like a big foam party .. only salty .. and kinda gross. There were also little blobs of salt foam gliding across the lake in the wind - they looked like mini iceburgs.

I wanted Jake to get the full jetty experience which involves going to the center of the jetty. Due to the high water level, this also involved trudging through cold salt water, mud, and the evil salt foam. I still cannot get the salt off of my boots. I think Jake threw his shoes away.

The "Spiral Jetty"

"Spiral Jetty" - almost under water

Me playing in the mysterious salt foam

Jake escaping from the salt foam

Happy faces!

Me trudging through salt water to get to the middle of the "Spiral Jetty"