Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sunset Peak, Utah - Hiking

Winter is dangerously close, but this weekend was perfect.  It's very possible that it was the last good weather weekend to play outdoors - so i did.  On Saturday I biked up Emmigration Canyon to the summit and Little Mountain .. then down into East Canyon and up to the summit of Big Moutain (the last 5 miles to the summit are painful).  It was cool to see all the new "Share the Road" biking signs all over the place as well as the improved biked lanes up the canyons.  Today i went hiking with Rob. We didn't plan to do a big hike, but we couldn't find the easier trail so we ended up doing Sunset Peak at the top of Alta.  It was awesome - great views of everything ..Big and Little Cottonwood canyons, the surrounding ski areas, Heber, Park City, and all the surrounding peaks.  The weather could not have been any nicer either.  There was snow up at Alta - a sad sign of things to come.