Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sabino Canyon Recreation Area, Arizona - Hiking

Some old award miles were about to expire, so Roger and I made a last minute trip down to Tucson, Arizona for some winter sun and warmth.  The primary goal of this trip was relaxing and enjoying the sunshine, but we also hiked in nearby Sabino Canyon Recreation Area to enjoy the beautiful desert scenery.  Roger's friend Mike joined us for the day and we hiked to popular Seven Falls waterfall along the Bear Canyon Trail.

Cactus wren
Roger and Mike
Entering Bear Canyon

The trail followed a flowing stream after entering Bear Canyon and the desert scenery along the canyon walls was spectacular.  There is nothing better than hiking in shorts and a t-shirt in February.  Sabino Canyon Recreation Area is a popular place, and there were many people out on the trail despite our early departure.  We arrived at Seven Falls to find even more people, but a spectacular sight of several cascading waterfalls and pools.  The waterfalls were gorgeous and we spent about an hour enjoying the canyon and the warm sunshine.

Bear Canyon
 Hiking to Seven Falls
Seven Falls
Seven Falls

We spent the rest of our brief Tucson trip relaxing at gorgeous pool at Loews Ventana resort and enjoying the surprisingly excellent Tucson Botanical Garden.  I can't wait to get back to Tucson to explore the town and surrounding desert.

Ventana Canyon
Tucson Botanical Garden
 Enjoying the winter sun
Tucson Botanical Garden