Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Antelope Island, Utah - Solstice Sunset

One of the best places to watch a sunset near Salt Lake City is Buffalo Point on Antelope Island State Park.  An easy hike to the overlook provides an excellent view of the Great Salt Lake and several of the lake's  other islands.  Sunsets are particularly spectacular at this location because the usually calm lake acts like a mirror and reflects the setting sun's light at almost double the intensity of a regular sunset.  The rugged and barren mountains surrounding the lake contrast with the ocean-like appearance of the lake and beaches.

Looking northwest across the Great Salt Lake from Buffalo Point on Antelope Island

Shawn, Roz, David, Katie, and I headed out to Antelope Island after work on Wednesday to celebrate the Summer Solstice and enjoy the sunset from Buffalo Point.  To enhance the experience, we brought a lot of good beer, wine, and snacks to enjoy while watching the sun.

Katie, Roz, David, and Shawn at Buffalo Point

 Looking east toward the Wasatch Mountains

Shawn and the Great Salt Lake

Spectacular lighting at sunset

Summer is by far my favorite season of the year.  I enjoy the constant sunshine, the dry desert heat, and the extra hours of daylight the make it possible to go for long bike rides and runs after work.  While the solstice technically marks the beginning of summer, it also signals the turning point toward shorter daylight hours and eventually colder weather.  I wish summer would hang around as long as winter seems to.

Final moments of the solstice sunset