Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Phoenix, Arizona - Marathon

This past weekend I ran in the Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon.  The 26.2 mile race started in downtown  Phoenix, passed through Scottsdale, and finished in Tempe.  For me, however, the journey started 9 months earlier with a nasty injury at the Salt Lake Marathon.  Poor choices on my part before the Salt Lake race, and even poorer choices during the race, led to a torn hamstring and four months of no running.  Even walking was a challenge for a couple of months.  By September I was finally able to run and by the time I arrived at the start  line in Phoenix on January 15, I felt great.

Half way through the Arizona marathon

A big thanks to Jacob for practically carrying me in to the urgent care center after the Salt Lake race, Zach for taking me to the desert for some camping and outdoor fun even though I was on crutches, my bike for keeping me sane all summer, and Marcin for the essential pre-race margaritas in Phoenix.  I hope I learned some lessons to keep me from repeating those four months.

I promised not to push myself too hard in Arizona, but I felt strong throughout the entire race.  I didn't pay too much attention to my time at each mile since my primary concern was making sure my leg felt good, but I knew I was having a good race.  In the end, I finished in 3:45, just 5 seconds slower than my best marathon time.  Not a PR, but I've never been happier after a race.

Rock N Roll Arizona Marathon