Monday, August 15, 2011

Antelope Island, Utah - Biking

One of my favorite places in the Salt Lake City area is Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake.  It can be reached by driving north from Salt Lake City and across a causeway connecting the island to the mainland near Layton, UT.  The island is a state park and it's a great place to hike, bike, camp, and observe the Great Salt Lake.

Last month, Brandon, Kristen, and I participated in the full moon bicycle ride along the eastern edge of the island from the Marina to Fielding Garr Ranch and back.  We had a ton of fun riding with hundreds of other cyclists under the full moon, so this month we decided to head back out to the island for the August full moon and camp overnight.  This time, Grant, Emily, and Brad joined us.

Camping on Antelope Island

Flowers at our campsite

The bikes!

One of the best activities to do on Antelope Island is to watch the sunset at Buffalo Point, a short hike up the hill from the parking area below.  The colors are always spectacular and the reflections off the calm waters of the lake make the sunsets even more unique than watching a sunset at the ocean.

White Rock Bay

 Our group enjoying the sunset

 Sunset over the Great Salt Lake

Sunset over the Great Salt Lake

After enjoying the sunset we hopped on our bikes and bike around the island towards Fielding Garr Ranch.  It was much windier than last month, and the clouds obscured the full moon for the most part, but we all had a fun ride.

Our group

 Biking with Grant and Brandon

Emily and Brad