Sunday, January 2, 2011

Duchesne, Utah - Cabin New Year's Eve

The sun sets on 2010 at the Duchesne, UT cabin - New Year's Eve

The year 2010 - I shared a boat with a random stranger in Costa Rica whose words of advice continue to resonate in my mind. I watched the sun rise over the ocean on a beach that was made for a postcard. I watched the sun melt the ice on the inside of my tent and felt springtime in the air after a frigid night in the Zion backcountry. I crossed two marathon finish lines - one while dodging lightning and another in personal record time. I held the most special person in my life on the top of a mountain. A waterfall I'd expect to find in the tropics reminded me of how many hidden treasures remain for me to see in this state. I stood on the highest peak in Utah after completing a climb that I was almost too afraid to try and floated peacefully down the Green River on a trip that will define the summer of 2010. A rainy night in a tent and a morning in Indian Creek with fall foliage too brilliant to be real. A full moon in the Colorado Rockies. Staring out over Cedar Mesa from the edge of Fish Creek Canyon.

Too many perfect memories to think that 2010 was anything but an amazing year.