Monday, June 18, 2007

Lower Muley Twist Canyon - Capitol Reef National Park, Utah - Backpacking

Jake, Rob, and I headed down to Capitol Reef National Park last weekend to do an overnight backpacking trip. After spending obscene amounts of money at REI over the past few months we were anxious to try out our new gear. It's a bit early to backpack some of the peaks around Salt Lake so we decided to do a nice desert hike in south-central Utah.

Capitol Reef is probably my favorite national park in Utah because it's not nearly as crowded with people as the other parks. Canyonlands is my favorite for scenery, but nothing beats Capitol Reef for peace and quiet. We only saw two day hikers on the entire route - it felt like we had the whole canyon to ourselves.

We hiked Lower Muley Twist Canyon in the extreme southern portion of the park. The trail was basically a dried riverbed at the bottom of a canyon. It was absolutely beautiful and probably a horrible place to be in a flash flood. We found a nice little spot to camp about 8 miles into the canyon and hiked out the next day. Some pics...