Monday, January 9, 2006

Lucin Sun Tunnels, Utah - Day Trip

Tim and I decided that a boring Sunday afternoon needed to be spiced up with an adventure .. somewhere.  We decided to find "Sun Tunnels" way out in the West Desert.  "Sun Tunnels" is a work of art done by Nancy Holt 1973-1976 in the middle of nowhere.  It consists of 4 large concrete tubes lined up with the summer and winter solstice sunrises and sunsets.

Armed with one very large truck, two GPS units, a map, and two cell phones we headed west towards Wendover.  Near Wendover where we planned to turn north, Tim inquired at a gas station what the best way to get to Lucin, Utah was (the nearest place on the GPS to the tunnels).  The flamboyant gas station attendant seemed confused but pointed us north along a dirt road.  We just assumed once we got to Lucin there would be signs to the Sun Tunnels .. or we could just ask someone in town.

I wasn't expecting much from Lucin, Utah but I was still a bit shocked to discover that upon arrival, the town of Lucin was actually a place.  The place where the dirt road crossed some railroad tracks.  No buildings.  Not one.  No people.  No signs.  And a nasty little snow squall made for very bad visibility - no way to see the tunnels that were supposed to be visible by now.  Desperate phone calls to Mandy and Jake for internet access and directions.  Suddenly the snow squall clears and we see the tunnels right in front of us...

west desert

all the maps in the world and still no clue where we are

hey there they are!

me at "Sun Tunnels"

cold and desolate


looking through the tunnels

nerds at work measuring angles