Sunday, June 26, 2005

MS Bike Ride 2005 - Cache Valley, Utah - Biking

This weekend was the MS150 bike tour up in Logan, UT. It's a big bike ride/fundraising event for the Utah chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society. This year there were over 2300 bikers and they raised 1 million dollars - definitely a great event to be a part of. I rode with Team Albertsons again this year because I have a few friends that ride with them.

Saturday was my second official 100-mile century ride. I finished in 6 hours which was pretty good considering whoever made the course saved all the hills for the end .. and decided to make it about 106 miles. The wind was pretty strong all day and that slowed me up, but the last 5 miles I had to bike in a thunderstorm microburst that was knocking riders off their bikes and blowing tree branches into the road. It was wild. Those last 5 miles took forever! I rode the remaining 45 miles today with much nicer weather.

Special thanks to my dearest friend Felipe for transporting me and my bike to Logan ... and for making Logan as fabulous as possible while I wasn't biking.